OBD-chiptuning is a commonly heard expression in the world of chiptuning. OBD-chiptuning means ‘On Board Diagnostics’-chiptuning. This is one of the most used and easiest method to read data from an ECU. During an OBD-chiptuning ATM connects its equipment to your cars OBD-port. The OBD-port is present in all cars from 1998. This OBD-port is also used by garages when you bring your vehicle for check-ups and maintenance.
The benefits of an OBD-tuning:

  • There is no soldering needed. The software is retrieved easily, as well as the writing;
  • The Engine Management System is easily restored to its original form;
  • Adjustments made are not visible by your dealership’s diagnostics-systems since we adjust your original software.

Ask our experts if your car is suitable for an OBD-chiptuning by ATM-Chiptuning.

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