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The ATM-petrolchip is a revolutionary small chip that is quickly and easily placed between the sockets of your electronic accelerator pedal. This so called petrolchip improves your driving pleasure by increasing the throttle response of your car.

ATM- petrolchip; how does it work?

  • The ATM-petrolchip constantly reads the data send by your accelerator;
  • the data is enhanced by the chip;
  • The enhanced data is send to the ECM (Electronics Control Module) this device controls the reaction of the engine on the position of the accelerator.


The benefits:

  • More driving pleasure because of the increased torque (around 10%) wich is available a few hundred revolutions earlier, handy when driving with a caravan;
  • The reaction time of the accelerator is fairly quicker;
  • Faster acceleration is possible;
  • Quick assembly and disassembly;
  • An universal powerbox is totally useless. When assembling the petrolchip there is no solder involved.

All-in price:

A fully assembled petrolchip is available from: R3000

The ATM-petrolchip is well tested, TÜV certified and absolutely safe. Do you want to enjoy the benefits? Contact one of our experts at one of our dealerships in South Africa, or request a free quote for your car.

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