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ATM Chiptuning has a customized chiptuning solution for almost any car. By using two different ways of chiptuning and two external ways of chiptuning we can supply almost anyone with a solution. We use Software Solutions for our chiptuning procedures. This high class software can be used to remap and modify the parameters in a vehicle. We apply this directly into your cars’ Control Unit (ECU), and change the parameters to be more efficient.


For the car enthusiast that wants to enjoy the many advantages of extra torque and power ATM-Chiptuning has developed the Power-chiptuning. Read about this product on the Power-chiptuning page.

Also covered under these products are the external products that improve the performances for petrol- and diesel powered cars.


For individuals or companies that like to safe fuel ATM-Chiptuning has developed the fuel-efficient and durable Eco-chiptuning. If you like to have more info you can read more about this product on the Eco-chiptuning page.

External ATM-chiptuning Module

For the petrol- and diesel powered cars (with turbo) that do not qualify for a chiptuning directly into your cars’ Control Unit (ECU) ATM-Chiptuning has developed a high-quality external (programmable) chiptuning module.
You can find out more about this intelligent external computer on the  Module-chiptuning page.

Because not every vehicle can be programmed the same way, you can find more about the different ways of programming either Power-chiptuning or ECO-chiptuning your car on the page: chiptuning methods.

If you like to know more about how software is developed at ATM-chiptuning, you can read more about that on the next page: software-development.

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