Module Tuning – 2012 Ford Ranger 3.2TDCI

ATM Chiptuning South Africa can tune a wide variety of petrol and diesel powered vehicles. Out Module Tuning even allows us to tune some of the newest cars on the market, including the new 2012 Ford Ranger 3.2TDCI. Read more to see what we can do…

Tuning South Africa

Would you like to tune your vehicle by using a customized engine remapping of ATM Chiptuning, then please have a look at our website We are a specialized and dedicated tuning company in South Africa and have sollutions for almost all vehicles. We have a range of services for each individual customer, depending on

Module Tuning

Chiptuning has gotten a bad name because of cheap, low quality ‘chiptuning products’. They were called “powerbox”, but those boxes didn’t do what we now can do with custom-chiptuning or the ATM-Chiptuning Module. The older powerboxes only adjusted 1 or 2 values, by intercepting those in between of the engine and your cars engine-management-unit (ECU).

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