Mercedes Benz ’63 AMG Tuning

ATM Chiptuning South Africa has the facilities to tune various Mercedes Benz AMG Models, including the ’63 AMG models.
We recently tuned this C63 AMG via OBD – a first in South Africa. Read more to see what we achieved with this vehicle…

The C63 AMG Power House produces a very respectable 340Kw and 600Nm. We managed to bump the power up to 380Kw and 650Nm on 95 Octane with an ATM Chiptune.

These vehicles mostly need to be tuned using the BDM Chiptuning method, but through our very innovative engineers at ATM Chiptuning South Africa, we have managed to tune this vehicle through the OBD port.

ATM Chiptuning South Africa also has the facilities to tune other AMG models. Get in contact with us to see what we can do for you!

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