BMW E90 335i 3000 twin turbo tuning

Took a good look at the back of this Stage 1 BMW 335i twin turbo monster. Because when that Clutch drops with 370HP & 510nm under the hood, this is the only part of the car you will be seeing

VW 1.6TDi tuning OBD unlock

Atm-chiptuning  are the leaders in VW 1.6TDI tuning.  The process first involves a Benchjob on the ECU for an Unlock. Then we are able to flash through the OBD Port for future programming. Gains of 29Kw and 60nm makes for one unassuming kick out of a tiny 1.6!      

Mercedes C63 AMG 457hp stage 1 OBD Chip-Tuning

We love receiving positive feedback about how awesome guys cars are feeling etc – but at the end of the day, the quality and strength of our software is determined by Hard-core Figures right? I thought I would just post a Dyno sheet of a Mercedes C63 with JUST software, at sea level. Enjoy Gains:

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