VW 1.6TDi tuning OBD unlock

Atm-chiptuning  are the leaders in VW 1.6TDI tuning.  The process first involves a Benchjob on the ECU for an Unlock. Then we are able to flash through the OBD Port for future programming. Gains of 29Kw and 60nm makes for one unassuming kick out of a tiny 1.6!      

VW Amarok 2.0TDI 120kw bi-turbo tuning

Atm-Chiptuning are the leaders in VW Amarok Bi-TDI tuning. Power gain of: 35kw and 70nm. Improved fuel consumption by 10-15% Contact us today on how we can optimize your Amarok to 155kw and 470nm!  

Chiptuning Volkswagen Golf GTI / TDI / TFSI / FSI

Chiptuning is the perfect product for your car if you are looking for extra power and finesse. The extra amount of power and torque that is released by ATM-Chiptuning, delivers an amazing experience, that will change your cars character drastically. Be astonished by the new driving experience ATM-Chiptuning provides. Your Volkswagen Golf  will be a lot

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